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Earning money online is nothing complicated; we have made the process very simple so long as you are really determined to make money. The first thing you need is an approved CPA account, without an approved CPA account, we cannot help you.

With an approved CPA account, we will coach you on how to earn at least $100 every single day using our “train and earn platform”. Unlike other trainings where they ONLY give false promise of earnings, you begin to earn within your first 24hrs of enrolling for our training.

How to apply for a CPA account

  • Visit Sales Blotter
  • Wait for about 7 days for approval
  • Immediately you receive the approval mail, please call any of the numbers sent to you email for instant access to the training portal.
  • To avoid overwhelming our customer service lines, please call only after approval ( the numbers are in the mail you got from us)
  • Good luck. See proof below

Testimonial from trainees